Top 5 Apps to Help you Work More Efficiently and Stay Organised

Are you working from home at the moment and struggling to stay motivated and produce effective work? Well you’re not alone. In the last decade, according to research, working from home jobs have soared by 115%, not to mention the current lockdown which has seen most people adapt their working day from their home. In fact, research also highlights that in America, one in five people worked from home prior to the lockdown! 

There are some obvious benefits to working from home. The daily commute no longer consists of sitting in traffic, instead you simply need to move from your bed to your workspace. Likewise, the coffee run has evolved to be dashing downstairs for a cup of home-made coffee, and colleagues? Well, we’ve all had to adapt to virtual meetings and online group calls. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of lockdown life now for almost a year, so you’d think we’d all be pretty well versed in working from home. But if you’re like me you’re still adapting (the struggle is real!), don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here at Harmoni we’ve come up with the top five apps to help you work more efficiently and stay organised! 


1. Slack

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. etc., but do you use Slack for work, or if you do, have you discovered all the features available on this platform? Slack helps teams to communicate using one source. The business version of Whatsapp, you can directly add new channels, groups and contacts in a professional manner. Through Slack you can also send emojis, links and increase the accessibility of your team members. This is especially important if you are working virtually or are a freelancer, as you are still able to communicate and work efficiently with your team!


2. Trello

For those who may not have heard of Trello before, Trello is an easy, free and virtual way to manage and organise projects. Especially useful for global teams or people based outside of the office, Trello helps you to stay connected within your business and keep a finger on the pulse of what needs to be done next, and who is responsible. Using Trello, you can create cards and organise content which needs to be scheduled or created, and then once this has been completed then move the card across. By doing so, you are able to give a broader 360° insight for others, which in doing so will help you to work efficiently

Additionally, Trello is a great tool if you are thinking about creating a new business or coming up with new ideas! Perhaps you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment and need a tool to help manage and organise your tasks? Even if you’re struggling to motivate yourself and feel overwhelmed, Trello is great as by using the cards to schedule tasks, you can break up your larger task into smaller, bitesize chunks!


3. Headspace

If you’re looking for ways to relax, and clear your thoughts, meditation is an incredible tool to help you let go and breathe. Given that we all breathe approximately thirteen pints of air every minute (according to research from Human Body), it is really important we make time to relax and breathe, so that we can have some down time away from the stress of our busy days.

The app Headspace offers breathing exercises, daily meditations and visualisations which you can personalise as to suit your mood or your goal. Similarly, if you are looking to relax before going to sleep, Headspace offers meditative exercises to help you wind down. Likewise, for the early risers, Headspace has unique meditations to help you with your focus and motivate you for the day ahead. 


4. Notion

The app notion is a new tool that lets you blend your everyday work apps into one. You can organise your daily tasks by colour coding them and sorting them through the app. Notion also allows you to schedule due dates through the calendar, add links and organise any documents so that they are all in one place.
Here’s a really high quality tutorial on how to use Notion! 


5. Lastpass

Lastpass is a password manager tool that allows you to store and change passwords regularly. This is really useful especially if you are working in a business and passwords change quite frequently. Alternatively saving your passwords here allows you to organise the apps you use and websites you frequent as you can save your passwords safely and protect your digital security. 


Whether you love using technology, or prefer to read a book, these apps are great tools which will help you to work more efficiently and stay organised. From creating tasks on Trello and meditating using Headspace, it’s not about how much you use the apps, just find what works for you. Remember especially at the moment to be kind to yourself, we are all experiencing a different way of life due to the pandemic and adapting the best we can.

The best way to make positive changes in our lives is to change the small, daily habits we do and by making these small changes, you will see that you are more efficient at working and feel more relaxed overall.

Do you use any other apps to help you work more efficiently and stay organised? Let us know by emailing - we’d love to hear from you!



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