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Organic Essential Oils

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Essential oils have been used by people for almost 6,000 years, and there is a good reason for it. While some might not invest much trust in the efficacy of essential oils, recent studies are showing there is a science to it after all.

Essential oils also include plant compounds in its mixture, which when inhaled, suppresses the production of certain compounds in the brain associated with feelings of anxiety and depression. The suppression of these compounds in the brain results in a general feeling of relaxation and well being, proving that there is a scientific truth to the mood improving properties of essential oils.

With this in mind, don't you think it's a good idea to release all that pent-up anxiety and stress, and get yourself on the way to well-being? Let our essential oils and mood sprays help you set your mind at ease, and breathe all your stress out.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are essential oils safe?
Most essential oils, being almost completely derived from organic sources such as plants, are safe and not harmful when used as intended.
2. Are essential oils pure or are they diluted with other substances?
Essential oils, taken from organic sources, are highly concentrated, and therefore quite potent. This is why it is mostly mixed in with other substances to make the oils safe for use by humans. It is normal to see labels indicating purity by percentage of essential oils, with most being around 20% concentrated essential oil and the rest made up of some other safe oil.
3. How are essential oils best applied or used?
There are a variety of ways wherein an essential oil may be safely and beneficially used. Some are made to be diffused into the air and inhaled, while others may be used for massaging purposes. Check the label to know how the oil is used and do not attempt to use it in any other manner to avoid any adverse effects.
4. Does essential oils interact with other substances?
Given that oils are made up of compounds, there is always the likelihood of an interaction with other substances. Of the seubstances themselves, there is very little to be concerned with. It is the reaction of the body to the interaction of substances that needs to be looked at, which is why it is always a good idea to consult with a physician or specialist regarding such matters.
5. How beneficial are essential oils?
Essential oils have been used for centuries, indicating that they are indeed, quite effective. From addressing concerns such as pain, inflammation, allergies, and other general physical issues, essential oils are looked at as one of the safest alternatives as a curative, as opposed to synthetic substances found in most medications. Being derived from organic sources, the likelihood of essential oils being more hazardous to humans than synthetic substances is quite low.
6. Are essential oils difficult or complicated to use?
Being an oil, use or application of essential oils is limited to either topical use by rubbing, or diffusion into the atmosphere for inhalation. In some instances, drops may be added to something consummed, although this is not a common practice. Essentail oils are not very complicated to use.

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